As ever, we're here to provide support.

By Kennie Ward

July 17, 2020

Despite the collective loss happening around us during the outbreak of Covid-19, it is truly inspiring to see the outpouring of community spirit at this challenging time.

At WordBirds, we’ve been getting involved in online masterclasses, ‘self-isolation support’ groups and ‘save our industry' pages, and have witnessed a new level of creativity and cooperation from individuals and companies.

In the global realm, businesses are pooling resources for the greater good: from tech company Dyson helping to design a ventilator for hospital shortages[1], to fashion house Armani mobilising its Italian production facilities to produce single-use overalls for healthcare workers[2].

Isn’t it inspiring how adaptable and community-focused we humans can be when the going gets tough? 

In that spirit, we’re turning 

our focus to what comes next 

for our community, 

and what we can do to help.

We invite you to consider:

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