Experience top-of-the-line equipment and technology backed by 10 years of industry experience

Hiring a teleprompter can help perfect a performance and keep your production on time and on budget.

We go to great lengths to ensure you receive market-leading equipment, up to date with industry technology and trends. Our highly trained team are experienced across television broadcast, corporate events, award ceremonies and concerts.

No matter your production requirements, we have the equipment and operator to meet your needs.

Software & Controls

Professional teleprompting broadcast software adaptable to any studio, newsroom or location. Extremely reliable and flexible to the demands of the broadcast environment.


  • Live script changes, while prompting
  • Newsroom integration
  • Remote IP prompting (e.g. prompting to an on-camera IP monitor in a second location)
  • Colour output, perfect for stage directions
  • Smooth scroll control for effortless reading
  • Easy navigation around the script with the ability to quickly prompt from any section
  • Supports rundown changes
  • Broad range of font sizes, styles and language characters
  • Optional cue marker, so talent can find their place easily
  • 2 x SD-SDI outputs via BNC (plus analogue video if required)

On Camera

Studio Cue

15” and 19” on-camera teleprompters with large hoods to fit over box lenses, allow wide angle shooting and long-distance reading.

The LED monitor uses significantly less power than existing back-lit systems, increasing the monitor’s efficiency and ability to be powered from the camera head.

Great For:

  • Long-distance reading
  • Wide-angle shots
  • Great clarity- less strain on the eyes
  • Low energy consumption


  • Systems can be used with standard and wide-angle shots
  • Higher contrast levels for greater clarity
  • Smooth, fast refresh, resulting in less strain on the eyes
  • Reading range: 6 metres (18 feet)
  • 4.3 format essential for reducing scanning movement in presenters’ eyes
  • Increased display longevity
  • Lower energy consumption, allowing power to be taken from the camera head
  • More detailed rendering for nonstandard alphabet languages
  • Instant warm-up to full brightness
  • Vision feed input/output: SD-SDI

Compact Cue

10”-12” teleprompter is a highly flexible and lightweight on-camera unit which is quick to setup and very portable, perfect for small DSLR, Arri or ENG cameras.

This system is highly versatile, allowing a camera operator to tilt and pan, track on a dolly, or take the talent’s eyeline off-camera in an interview setup.

Great For:

  • Quick Setup
  • Portability
  • Interview/Conversational Situation


  • Small, lightweight and secure system for fast repositioning
  • High brightness LED monitor for greater clarity and daylight viewing
  • Hood shaped to maximise wide angle shots
  • Adaptable to all cameras, lenses and shots

Mini Cue

9” – 12” high-bright lightweight monitors which can be mounted above or below the lens of handheld cameras, Steadicams, jibs and Technocranes.

Great For:

  • Lightweight rigs
  • Jib, Technocrane and Steadicam
  • Easy monitor removal


  • Lightweight, custom brackets
  • Secure rig
  • High-brightness monitor

On Stage

Conference Stands

Remotely height-adjustable stands for multiple presenters, with multiple sets of stands available for panels. We can tailor a solution for any on-stage event.

Great For:

  • Making eye contact with audience
  • Lectern presentations
  • Mulitple presenters


  • Set of two stands with mirrored glass and monitors
  • Remotely height-adjustable for multiple presenters

Confidence Monitors

Foldback video monitors for on-stage events. Perfect for panels, interviews or when movement on stage is required.

Great For:

  • Slide reference display and presenter movement on stage
  • Lyrics or bullet points


  • 19” high-bright monitors
  • Housed in a black stage wedge