Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a teleprompter, or autocue, so great is that they allow a presenter to read a script without breaking eye contact with the camera or audience.

A coated piece of glass (or beam-splitter) sits in front of the camera lens on an angle, while a monitor mounted below reflects the text on to the glass. This allows the camera to shoot through the glass unaffected, while the presenter looks directly at the lens, creating the illusion of speaking unprompted.

Teleprompter operators are trained professionals who have many methods to make your presenter’s job easy, so they can concentrate on their performance. We use tried and tested technology, specific formatting methods, rolling techniques and editing to make your job run as smoothly as possible. Our software allows immediate live changes, so updating a script is easy. It may seem simple but trust us—having a teleprompter on site can save a production time and money.

iPad prompters can be great for a few lines of text or a limited budget, however these kits aren’t really designed for professional prompting. Most operate at set speeds, without the ability to edit text while rolling and they certainly don’t come with an experienced operator. We don’t recommend these for tight schedules, live events or lengthy scripts—your talent is in much better hands with specialised equipment operated by a trained professional.

Yes! We have industry-leading software and equipment that is IP-based, meaning we can send a prompter to anywhere in the world and be operating from right here in Sydney. Since Covid-19, we have also successfully operated events via WebEx or Zoom.

We will always discuss your individual job requirements up-front and suggest the most suitable equipment to achieve your desired result.
Equipment choice is usually based on the speaker’s eye-line (e.g. where the audience will be), as well as the distance, camera and stage requirements.

We dry-hire our 15” Studio Cues only, on a case-by-case basis, usually with an operator to set up. Our software and more specialised equipment however require a trained professional to operate.

Professional teleprompting systems are designed to be versatile to any equipment and environment. We rig to Steadicam, cranes, broadcast cameras, Digital SLRs, superbox lenses—you name it! Discuss your job requirements with us up-front and we’ll provide the right equipment for your job.

A simple Word or text document is all we need (no PDFs). The script should be provided on the day, to ensure final changes have been made.

Formatting a script for prompting takes time but is important as it helps ensure a smooth read. For a full show or lengthy script, please allow the operator 30-60 minutes to prepare it, as a rough guide.

When it comes to making changes, we suggest editing directly into the teleprompter once loaded. This is because our operators constantly listen and respond during rehearsal, tweaking the script format, adding cues, etc, so that it’s smooth for the presenter. Alternatively you can mark-up or highlight changes on your document for the operator to transpose in the prompt.

This will always depend on the job requirements, but for a standard piece to a camera, we allow a minimum of 1 hour for rigging and script preparation.

We provide SD-SDI as standard, with some software HD-SDI.

Not at all! We are experienced working with people from all backgrounds and levels of ability. Our friendly operators will give you tips to feel comfortable and make your job as smooth as it can be. And if you need some extra help, just ask. We offer one-on-one training, plus our operators have lots of tricks up their sleeves to make presenting easy. And remember, the teleprompter means you don’t need to remember a thing, so you can focus on your performance.

As long as you can provide access to power, we can prompt wherever you like! Our high-bright monitors are perfect for either low-light or sunlight. The exception is wet weather—unfortunately our equipment is not appropriate for wet conditions.

Get in touch with us using the Request A Booking  or at the top of the page. We can supply a basic rate card or a customised quote.

For bookings for a duration of 7 days or less, at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation before start date/time is required or the full booking fee and any expenses already incurred by WordBirds in relation to the booking may be charged to and payable by you.
For bookings for a duration in excess of 7 days, cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the start date, failing which the full booking fee is payable.