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Experience top-of-the-line autocue/teleprompting equipment and cutting-edge technology, supported by a decade of industry leadership at WordBirds. Our autocue services are designed to transform the way presenters engage with their audience, providing seamless solutions for studios, newsrooms, and various on-location settings.

Our services are available Australia-wide and we operate from two key locations: Sydney and Melbourne


Autocue Software Solutions

Discover the transformative impact of professional autocue and teleprompting broadcast software at WordBirds. Our adaptable software solutions empower presenters with features such as live script and rundown changes, smooth scrolling for effortless reading, easy-to-read colour script cues, newsroom integration, remote prompting capabilities and vision distribution with SD-SDI or HD-SDI outputs.

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On-Camera Autocue

Explore the versatility of our 15-19” on-camera teleprompters, perfectly suited for all camera and lens sizes. Whether in a studio, during live broadcasts, interviews, or virtual and hybrid events, our autocues offer quick and portable setups, with high-brightness script clarity for presenters.

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BabyCues for Lightweight Rigs

For more specific shooting requirements, such as moving or close-range shots, consider our 8”-12” lightweight monitors, also known as BabyCues. Easily mountable above or below the lens, these autocues are ideal for Steadicam, handheld cameras, jibs, cranes, and interview setups. Lightweight rigging options make them a versatile choice for various production scenarios.

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On-Stage Autocue Solutions

Extend the impact of autocue to on-stage applications with WordBirds. Our motorised glass conference panels (presidential stands) facilitate presenter-audience interaction while staying on script during awards ceremonies, conferences, and presentations. Alternatively, our down stage monitors (DSMs), set at an angle and concealed in a black stage wedge, cater to musicians, panel discussions, and events with a focus on clean stage design.

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Presenter Services:
Autocue Excellence

At WordBirds, we prioritise the comprehensive support of presenters from script to stage. Our presenter services include teleprompter training, script-writing assistance, and operator training. We ensure presenters are well-prepared and confident, contributing to a seamless and professional production.

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WordBirds is your go-to destination for autocue excellence, blending advanced teleprompter technology, versatility, and unwavering presenter support. Elevate your presentations and captivate your audience with our tailored solutions. Experience the transformative power of autocue at WordBirds – where every presentation is seamless.

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