Future focused and ready for change

While television and events are experiencing a pause like we’ve never seen before, the upside for WordBirds has been opportunity for collaboration, time to focus on the future, and to listen out for the changes we want to invite in.

I sat down to work this morning, listening to jazz pianist Bill Evans as I typed. Tracing the rise and fall of his notes, as one chord transitioned into another, it made me think about how…

Business is much like music:

an infinitely evolving call and response to change.

In jazz, a song may be cruising along comfortably, the musicians all riding the same groove, instruments weaving together effortlessly —when suddenly a new sound emerges from the background, taking centre stage and disrupting the course. The focus changes, the rhythm deviates, the mood shifts, repetition is broken, and a new melody evolves.

Had the players rejected this new course and kept playing as before, going against the flow, the song may have become chaotic, or—even worse—boring. But instead, they had been listening for change; they were poised and ready to adapt, to adjust tempo, and answer the call of the disruptor.

Right now, more than ever before, this feels the same for business. The moment we feel comfortable and find our groove, a new rhythm emerges to disrupt the way we work.

So, let’s ask ourselves:

At WordBirds, we truly believe that signs of a strong business are in its readiness for action, desire to meet challenge with creativity, and ability to transform adversity into an inspired vision for the future.

Here are some ways we’ve been using this time to do just that.

Creative Collaboration

When our friends at Fourth Wall asked for help with an online production, EventCast™, WordBirds was keen to be involved.

EventCast™ is an immersive and interactive event delivered directly to an online audience.

Fourth Wall has long been an innovator in the broadcast and events arenas. With the recent disruption to the event space, EventCast™ couldn’t have come at a better time.

We love that Fourth Wall has challenged the assumption that ‘people gathering together is a fundamental element of the live creative space’*.

Instead of surrendering to no event at all, they’ve adapted streaming to create a new norm—delivering an immersive experience to a live event, when we can’t physically come together.

Here is a taste of the scale and variety of content you can deliver via EventCast™ powered by Fourth Wall: https://www.eventcast.net.au/highlights/

Future Focused Action

After two research trips to the USA and UK, WordBirds recently invested in the latest technology in teleprompting: Intelligent Prompting (IP). With this equipment we can now provide an end-to-end, fully IP-enabled workflow.

What this means for our clients is that, when connected to a network, our teleprompting software can prompt to an IP on-camera unit from anywhere in the world.

Given the global situation right now, the need for this kind of remote operating has suddenly accelerated forward. And because WordBirds has always been future focused, looking ahead to offer our clients the most advanced solutions, we find ourselves poised and ready to respond to this need.

The flexibility of both IP and streaming technologies is not only a great solution to our current needs, working online and through isolation, but an indicator of what event production will more increasingly look like for our industry going forward.

If you’re interested to find out more about the solutions we can offer you, please get in touch with us here.

Looking forward,

Kennie & Dani—Directors, WordBirds

* References: https://www.fourthwall.com.au/eventcast/;

Images: https://www.fourthwall.com.au/eventcast/; Autoscript™; Anabel Litchfield.



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Future focused and ready for change

While television and events are experiencing a pause like we’ve never seen before, the upside for WordBirds has been opportunity for collaboration, time to focus